A Gift for Grief

In her second book “A Gift for Grief,” Louise shares case studies from her work as a therapist. This book also contains affirmations, meditations, exercises, inspirational quotes, poems, and parables which will benefit anyone who has loved and lost.

Reading about grief may seem daunting at first, but this book is there to read in short bursts whenever you need comfort. You can randomly open a page, read however much you need, then close the book, hopefully loosening or lightening your grief in some way.

While grief is a sensitive subject, Louise approaches it in a way that feels both real and honest. The experience of losing her son Matthew sent her on a journey through the darkest depths of her soul, but through her writing she illustrates how she came through to the other side. By sharing her story and her learnings she now has a passion for supporting others going through a similar journey.

This book is not about fixing people or forcing the healing process, because as the book explains, there is no cure for grief. Grief can only be absorbed, carried, experienced, loved and cared for.

It can be hard to know what to do or what to say when someone is grieving, and this book makes a wonderful gift in those difficult times.

“Louise skilfully and heart-fully navigates her way around the complexities of Grief. And there are complexities. Normalising grief is one thing, and very important for people who are suffering. However, Louise asserts that a clear path can’t be mapped out as everyone’s experience of grief is utterly unique. Despite this, I have such a feeling of Louise being alongside, like she really ‘gets’ it. So this will certainly be my go to book in the future should I need the comfort and solace it so amply provides. It will be a gift to be able to recommend this book to my clients too, when relevant. A beautiful creation. Thank you, Louise!

Rachel Kent B.Ed, Energetics Psychotherapist, Coach & Trainer

“Having worked with grieving clients and provided specialist grief trainings for practitioners for many years now, I have seen just how debilitating grief can be. But it always lifts my spirits when wonderful people who have experienced the immense depth of grief come along and help others on their grieving journey. Louise is one of those people, she has written this amazing book from her heart, with truth and honesty in a way that can be of great help to you, in your grief. She has shared her own story and given practical and helpful advice to aid you if you are going through your own grief. I would highly recommend this book”.

Janice Thompson MSc. Grief Specialist, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner & Trainer, Colour Mirror Practitioner

“I found this book surprisingly difficult to put down and I would recommend it to anyone looking for help coping with grief. The way Louise brings her teachings and learnings into the book is so cleverly and naturally done. I'm sure this book will help many people.”

Karl Dawson, Hay House Author, Trainer Director EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy

“This book comes with so much love and although Louise is an expert therapist it feels like it's been written by a friend holding your hand and guiding you gently with no judgment whatsoever. It is informative, very easy to read, gives positive advice, and is relatable. It's intertwined with knowledge, stories, quotes and exercises. This book is not only beneficial to those experiencing grief and loss themselves, but to anyone who wishes to understand grief more, whether for personal or professional reasons.”

Kim Marshall, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting and EDT (Emotional Dousing Technique) Practitioner. Author of Kiss Goodbye to Ana - Using EFT in Recovery from Anorexia