These guided meditations incorporate visualization and take you on a journey. They have been professionally recorded by Louise Bates in a studio for the highest quality. The music has been carefully chosen to create the ideal background and only positive language is used for the guided narration. These meditations focus on health and wellness through stress reduction and self-reflection. They help to slow the pulse, release muscular tension, and create a clear focused state of mind. They take you out of the grief vortex for a short while, giving your nervous system a well-deserved break.

During your daily life you can be mindful not only with the changing content and intensity of your thoughts and feelings – but also with the stillness within. It is always there waiting for you to connect.

Body Scan Relaxation Meditation

If you find it difficult to relax, then this recording is definitely for you and practise makes perfect.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed with heavy emotions or anxiety, take time out and tune into this meditation.

Relaxation is so important for your health and well being, and I trust you will make time for yourself. This meditation will take you deeper into a state of contemplation and relaxation, shutting off your body’s fight or flight reflex.

Sit back and enjoy.


The Mountain Meditation 

Visualise a huge mountain. It may be pelted by freezing rain, or blanketed by fog and mist, or baked in the summer sun, or damaged by strong winds. None of these matter to the mountain as it remains neutral. Through it all, the mountain continues to just be. As it sits in the landscape, day or night, the mountain stays grounded, secure, unmoved by any storms. We encounter storms of different intensities in our outer world, and in our own minds and bodies. We get buffeted by high winds and cold rain. We endure periods of darkness and pain as well as moments of joy and bliss. By becoming one with the mountain, we can link with its energy. We can adopt its strength and stability for ourselves.

The Lake Meditation 

Visualise a large lake. The lake may be deep or shallow, blue or green, muddy or clear. There may be no wind and the surface may be flat, reflecting the trees, the sky and clouds. The wind may come and stir up the waves.  The surface of the lake could be choppy but below the surface, it is calm. As you go deeper into the lake, it becomes even more tranquil. At the bottom of the lake the water hardly moves. Stillness, silence, peace and calm reside at the bottom of the lake. You can adopt these qualities in your body by listening to this relaxation meditation. You can become one with the lake and allow these qualities to wash over and through you.