Matthew James Bates 8th August 1989 - 28th October 2016 RIP

This page is a comfort to everyone who knew and loved Matthew. It shares his two albums, Kaleidoscope and Fightback, written, performed, and recorded entirely by himself in our home studio. His music is free to listen to or download but if you would like to make a donation to a charity in memory of Matthew Bates, our family would like to nominate 'Yes To Life'. This is the UK’s integrative cancer care charity. They provide support, information and financial assistance to those with cancer seeking to pursue approaches that are currently unavailable on the NHS. I am also sharing his website and blog on this page so you can really get to know all about our amazing son. You can also watch the Ajax-to-Ajax film which was made by his friends. This film documents the incredible fundraising campaign which raised thousands of pounds to support our family during Matthew’s illness.

“These past months have been the worst, but weirdly also the best of my life.”

Matthew Bates


Kaleidoscope contains a collection of songs written and recorded by Matthew before he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He made this recording after his mum Louise asked him to record his songs onto a CD as a Christmas present. Matthew’s parents Bill and Louise are very proud of everything he achieved in his short 27 years including his song writing and musical ability and they want to share his music with the world.


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I know I won’t be around forever but my music will be and that means a lot. It leaves something behind for my family to cherish.

Matthew Bates

“Matt Bates has melodies running through him and pumping in his veins. A great new talent who needs to be discovered and cherished.”

Kathryn Williams - Mercury Prize-nominated singer-songwriter


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Fightback is a collection of songs, written and recorded by Matthew after his diagnosis. Matthew felt at ease in the recording studio, it was a place he loved, allowing him to escape the harsh realities of his illness and enabling him to express his feelings in music and lyrics. The songs tell a story of hope and love. The finished CDs were delivered to him only five days before he died.

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In fact there was one moment in particular when I really did feel a sense of pure happiness. It was awesome and for some reason I just really felt the need to write about it.

Matthew Bates

Matt's Website & Blog

Throughout his illness Matthew wrote a blog on his website, updating his readers about his journey which you can still read today.

He had thousands of readers throughout the world including Victoria Derbyshire. In her book - Dear Cancer, love Victoria, a Mum’s Diary of Hope -Victoria Derbyshire wrote, In an effort to learn more about this amazing young man. I began reading his blogs – they are searing, beautiful, honest and warm. It would be incredible if you could read them too."

Ajax to Ajax

The Documentary

During Matthew’s treatments his friends started a fundraising campaign which raised thousands of pounds to support our family financially.

A documentary film was made to highlight the Ajax to Ajax fundraising effort, but it was so much more than that; it also shows how friendships and how the wider community and how people we didn’t even know came together for Matthew and for our family.

The documentary gives an insight into Matthew’s journey through cancer, but also highlights how his experience rippled out into the wider community and created an outpouring of love and support.


It genuinely was one of the most extraordinary events I’ve ever attended. The respect shown by the audience to the film was amazing and you could feel the love for Matt throughout the film. He was one very very special human being and his gift to us all was such a brave but unsentimental light he shone on his situation, a journalist until the end. A truly remarkable young man. Matt would have been really happy, he brought everyone together last night and it was wonderful.